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About Us

Magic Umbrella is an experienced UK umbrella company.

We offer contractors and temps the freedom of contracting with security and protection. We have built a team with a range of experience across several sectors to provide its clients and umbrella employees with a high-level accountancy solution.

How does an Umbrella Company work?

Umbrella companies are often used by recruitment agencies to pay temporary workers. Usually, the umbrella company employs a contractor and pays their wages through PAYE.

In general, although not always, assignments that are less than six months and pay less than £15 per hour should be paid through an umbrella business.

It may be the best option for new contractors and those unsure if they’ll work as contractors in the long run. This line of work may better suit your needs and your preferences, but it may also be more appropriate for the industry in which you work.

Evolve with us!


Magic Umbrella consistently aims to exceed our client's expectations by genuinely going above and beyond. We are here to make it easier for you to benefit from being a contractor or operating your own business without worrying about paperwork, administrative duties, or legal requirements.


Our vision at Magic Umbrella is to be the premier solution for contractors and temporary workers, enabling people and organisations to prosper in a rapidly transforming environment. We work hard to offer complete solutions and excellent support to our broad portfolio of subsidiary businesses, encouraging creativity, teamwork, and long-term success.


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