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Welcome to our IR35

Navigating the complexities of IR35 is crucial for
contractors seeking clarity on their tax status. IR35,
or “off-payroll working rules”, is a UK tax legislation
distinguishing genuine self-employed contractors from
“disguised employees”. It impacts tax and National
Insurance contributions, ensuring fairness in taxation.

Now, let’s delve into some FAQs:


What is the IR35 legislation?

IR35 assesses whether a contractor should be considered an employee for tax purposes, aiming to curb tax avoidance and promote fair taxation.


Why was IR35 introduced?

It was introduced to prevent tax avoidance, IR35 ensures individuals using intermediaries like limited companies pay taxes commensurate with their working arrangements.


How is it determined?

IR35 status hinges on factors like control, substitution, and mutuality of obligation in the contractor-client relationship.


“Outside IR35”

Contractors outside IR35 enjoy self-employment benefits— greater control, the ability to send substitutes, and flexibility.


“Inside IR35”

Contractors inside IR35 are taxed like employees due to a working arrangement resembling traditional employment.


IR35 Enquiries

HMRC may investigate a contractor’s tax status through IR35 enquiries. Maintain accurate records and align working arrangements to avoid potential penalties. We’re here to guide you through the IR35 maze, ensuring you make informed decisions.

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