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Rain or shine,
we deliver!

Experience the magic of
hassle-free contracting

Picture this: Your hard work is recognised, your skills appreciated, and your payments are always accurate and swift. At Magic Umbrella, we don’t just offer a contractor solution; we craft experiences and tailor your success story! Our commitment to your excellence goes beyond services – it’s about fostering genuine employee engagement, ensuring you thrive in every aspect of your professional journey.

Imagine a world where complex jargon is transformed into clear, actionable guidance by our team of experts. Whether you’re a fresh contractor, a temporary worker, navigating the intricate world of IR35, or simply offering your services briefly, our umbrella solution is your golden ticket to hassle-free contracting.

Why settle for
the mundane when
you can have magic?
Ready for a magical journey?

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Did you think that employee benefits are only for the nine-to-fivers? You’re in for a treat! Our benefits offer professional and personal growth to our contractors and temporary workers!

Imagine a life where health, financial security, and well-being aren’t worries but certainties. It’s what meaningful benefits do – they go beyond the payslip and are the secret ingredient to job satisfaction, fulfilling and enriching your professional journey.

And here’s the real magic: our employee benefits aren’t just about the present; they’re your stepping stones to the future. Think professional development opportunities and exclusive industry events – they’re your passport to honing your skills and expanding your network.

Why? Because at Magic Umbrella, we are your partners in progress.

The Magic Umbrella Benefits Portal

The Magic Umbrella Benefits Portal is your 24/7 access pass to a world of unparalleled services for all contractors and temps. You can experience:

Unmatched savings on shopping and leisure

Around-the-clock GP consultations

Instant financial insights into payslips and pensions

Exciting e-learning opportunities

Recent Healthcare News

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Insurance Plans Accepted

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All in the palm of your hand!

Elevate your professional journey with Magic Umbrella. It's not just a portal;
it's your express ticket to success!